Tattoo Design Process

The Process of Getting a Tattoo

The many different designs and colors on the body make for an array of tattoos. The process starts with getting a clean shaven neck (or other desired location). Then disinfection procedures must be followed to ensure that no infection will affect your healing time or end result; this includes shaving thoroughly before starting as well as after each session

keys to the tattoo design process

In the tattoo design process there are three things that every artist needs to be knowledgeable in order for their customers’ tattoos turn out well on them

There are many different approaches you can take to tattoo design, but there is always some degree of trial-and error. The more ideas the better!
The first thing that must happen in order for your new ink work be successful is an adequate outline sketching process with pencils or pens on paper – don’t just draw what looks good at face value because if something doesn’t fit into place then this will become evident when it’s time for execution later down stream