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The Crea8tive Soul

Motivation had nothing to do with this. It was the mission, the journey, the vision, the want to get better. The dedication, the ability to cut out the bullshit in order to stay focused. The ability to be aware and feel. The ability to go towards what seemed difficult and scary.

Client Reviews

His professionalism & most of all passion for his craft is admiring. He'll bring your idea to life but If you're daring give him the green light with a blank slate and watch the real magic happen. His creativity and self taught skill are just breathtaking.
Ruby Rosario
Jay is the real deal. I had 3 back-to-back sessions for the eagle (October 2019) on my back , as well as having a chest tattoo done by Jay as well. What I love most about Jay is his ability to truly create. I walked in with images and a vision and Jay took it to the next level. How many artist can do that.
Erik Griffith
Absolutely phenomenal talent and expertise. It’s one thing to see pictures and posts, but to wear his artwork daily and get compliments for years is another experience. When sitting in his chair, you can feel Jay’s passion resonating through his vibe and focus.
Alexys Graham

"I crea8te quality body art to enhance lives through Crea8tivity and Soul expression."

Sir J Lewis