As with any type of body modification, getting a tattoo isn’t always an easy process. One of the side effects of getting inked is that your skin may be slightly irritated while you have your new tattoo.

However, there are ways to soothe these irritations while your tattoo heals properly.

The healing time for tattoos can vary depending on several things, including the location of your tattoo, how many tattoos you get at once, your skin type, and also what type of care you provide for your tattoo.

With the right precautions in place, most people find that their new ink takes around three to four weeks to fully heal.

Tattoos are basically wounds on our skins made using needles.

Once these needles pierce the skin, they inject the ink into the dermis part of your body. Doing this causes a wound on our skins just like any other wounds that we may have experienced before.

Sometimes after getting inked, your tattoo will be red and inflamed, with a swollen appearance. The redness may spread, depending on the body part where you got inked.

A quality tattoo artist who uses the right techniques and practices will reduce the amount of healing time and appearance of this inflammation.

About one week after getting a tattoo, it will start scabbing over. The scabs that develop will fall off after about four weeks or so, leaving behind new skin that is still tender at first. During this time, it is important not to pick at the scabs because this could damage your tattoo and reduce its lifespan.