Tattoos are forever, but tattoos do fade. And as they do, many people feel the urge to re-ink their original tattoo with a touchup session.

There is no exact number of years that you should wait between tattoo sessions; it depends on the person and how well they take care of their body and skin after getting a tattoo. Some people feel the need to touch up their tattoo after just a few years, while others can go over 5 or 10 years without any problems.

It’s all about caring for your body and knowing what is best for you. Here are some benefits of touching up your faded tattoo:

A Faded Tattoo Just Doesn’t Look As Good.

When a tattoo has lost its color and definition, it doesn’t look as good as it once did. Touching up the faded tattoo returns color and keeps your skin looking fresh and young.

Lighter ink usually fades faster than darker ink, so you may need touchups more frequently if you use light-colored ink such as yellow or pink.

Don’t Be Afraid of Touching Up Your Tattoo!

Some people feel like they need to get a completely new tattoo instead of touching up the old one because they fear that their new tattoo will look ridiculous next to an old, faded ink piece.